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Creative Napkin Folds for a Wedding Reception

Creative Napkins Folds for a Wedding Reception

Brides are no longer settling for crisp white tablecloths, but they are now taking their theme one step further and incorporating a colour, design or pattern on their tables.

A beautifully folded napkin can dress up any table scape. While they might look a little out of place at a backyard BBQ type reception, folded napkins are best for a formal a sit-down dinner. Uniquely folded napkins at each place setting can be a topic of conversation for your guests and not to mention, give a stunning overall appearance to your reception.

Great idea… but who is going to fold all of those lovely napkins?! Well, you could assign the task of folding the napkins to your bridal party, do it yourself, or if you’re really lucky your reception venue will do all of the folding for you. However, you may not want to get too creative on the fold, as your wedding venue or caterer may not have the staff to implement a tricky fold for 150+ guests. A complicated napkin fold is no more than a few steps away. It’s all about deciding what type of napkin fold is right for your event and then finding a good resource with step by step instructions.

Note that some folds might require a stiffer (100% cotton) napkin, which isn’t what caterers or venues always carry. So, check what sort of napkins you are being supplied with before deciding on a particular fold.

Need some napkin fold ideas? There are lots of ‘napkin folding’ websites out there (such as, as well as books on the subject. Should you wish to attempt any unique folds we have a couple of napkin folding books available for use.

Whether using paper or cloth napkins, there is a style of napkin fold to fit the feel of any reception.

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Wedding Cocktails & Signature Drinks

Wedding Cocktails & Signature Drinks

Weddings are wonderful events; the entire experience from the engagement to the honeymoon is a momentous occasion for the bride and groom. Along the journey there are many parties, showers and receptions that call for a few elegant cocktails. At some weddings, drink is the most important factor in making it a success.

One way to incorporate drinks of your choice into the wedding is create a cocktail menu of a few special cocktails and display a list on the bar. This allows your guests to choose when and what they want to drink. You may choose to only serve these special drinks for a couple of hours post ceremony – remember not to feel obligated to provide an open bar for guests for the entire evening. Serve plenty of water and soft drinks at the reception for the hot, the sensible, the under aged guests, and the designated drivers.

The rule of thumb for choosing a signature wedding cocktail is to choose a drink that represents your story as a couple, the season of your wedding, the formality of your event, while keeping it fun.

Check out these easy-to-make and affordable cocktails – click on the links to view the recipe.

Champagne Cocktails Celebrate the good times – your engagement, hen’s party or wedding day – with champagne and plenty of spirit. Here’s a list of some favourite champagne cocktail recipes in hope of inspiring you to make something pretty, in a fancy glass that tastes sweet and bubbly.

The Something Blue Every bride needs a little “Something Blue” on their wedding day and why not include it in a spectacular cocktail? This simply elegant white wine and Hpnotiq drink is easy to make and is perfect for any of your wedding festivities.

Wedding Belle Full of fruity flavour, the Wedding Belle is perfect for your smaller, more intimate gatherings like bridal showers and rehearsal dinners.

Wedding Cake You can have your cake and drink it too. There are two common variations of the Wedding Cake cocktail, which you choose is more a matter of personal taste and what you have on hand.

Southern Bride An elegantly alluring cocktail, this simple mix of gin, grapefruit juice and grenadine would make a great addition to any wedding party as a toast to the happy couple.

Tuxedo For the groom here is a classy Tuxedo cocktail. Enjoy it on your last night as a bachelor or share it with your bride on your wedding night. It’s a complexly flavoured Martini with an interesting and intriguing taste.

Diamond Martini From the engagement party to the time the wedding bells ring, the Diamond Martini can fit into any of your wedding celebrations. By chilling the ingredients along with the glass, this cocktail is sparkling, crisp and clear like the perfect cut diamond.

Blushing Bride A wedding would not be complete without a Champagne toast to the bride and groom. The Blushing Bride is an extremely easy cocktail for just that purpose that adds just a slight amount of fruit flavours to your bubbly.

Tea Punch (Non-Alcoholic) A different twist to a standard punch – brewed tea is mixed with orange juice, pineapple juice, lemonade and ginger ale. This is simple to make and simply refreshing on a hot summer’s day.

Baby Bellini (Non-Alcoholic) Style, elegance and none of the alcohol, the Baby Bellini is an excellent mock-tail for weddings. It is also very simple and can easily supply an entire wedding reception with a bubbly drink.

Reno Cocktail (Non-Alcoholic) The Reno Cocktail is a great wedding mock-tail – it’s fruity, sweet and it’s pink hue adds a nice, pretty touch. Today’s post is thanks to –

Brooch Bridal Bouquets

Brooch Bridal Bouquets

Brooch bridal bouquets… vintage and everlasting. Lately we have been coming across quite a few brides who have made their own brooch bouquet, or purchased one. It is such a great idea since you can incorporate family brooches and maybe your grandmother has some she would be willing to lend/give you. You could also ask family and friends to each send you a brooch (maybe as an engagement present or as a wedding present returned with the RSVP card?).

I would have loved to carry one of these beauties down the aisle. Brooch bouquets are amazing for so many reasons – they are sparkly, they make meaningful keepsakes after the wedding, you can use jewellery donated from special people and carry a memory of them with you down the aisle, you are able to make your bouquet well in advance of the wedding and you never have to worry about it not holding up throughout the day and giving it water to avoid drooping!

Making a brooch bouquet is quite the DIY project – it takes patience and creativity. If you do decide to create your own then visit this website for detailed instructions and supplies needed to get your project underway.

Don’t worry if you don’t have time or can’t find enough brooches for the project – just search online for a ready-made bouquet or online kit – like through this Etsy store

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Wine Glass Tealight Lampshades

Wine Glass Tealight Lampshades

Turn simple wine glasses into lovely tealight lamps by crafting some DIY lampshades. The project is simple, inexpensive and allows a lot of room for creativity. You can leave yours as plain vellum, or punch decorative holes in them, screen-print them, or even paint them. It’s up to you. Scrapbook and craft stores tend to stock many different colours and patterns, some already wedding themed. If you aren’t inclined to decorate plain vellum, you can be sure to find printed vellum choices that will suit your theme.

I can imagine these not only on tables at the wedding reception but also at the rehearsal dinner, or a cocktail evening, family dinner, the list goes on.

To make them, you’ll need: • 8-1/2″ x 11″ sheets of vellum (one per lamp) • Scissors • Decorative bladed scissors • Decorative paper punch • Glue pen (or double sided craft tape) • Wine glasses • Tea lights or LED battery-operated tea lights • Candle putty/floral clay (or sand) for the tealight to sit on • The lampshade pattern – see below

1. Download and print out this lampshade pattern. 2. Trace the pattern onto your vellum sheet. Cut out the shape with your regular scissors. If you want, you can use decorative bladed scissors along the bottom edge to add another element to the shade. 3. If you like, use a paper punch to make holes evenly or haphazardly throughout the shade, as shown in the PDF example of the lampshade pattern. 4. Using the glue pen (or double sided craft tape), apply a thin line of glue to one straight end. Wrap the other end over the glued end, and adhere together, forming the shade. 5. Secure the tealight with candle putty, or put some sand (plain or coloured) in the bottom of the glass and set the lampshade on top of your glass.

There is no problem using real tealight candles – the shade fits around the mouth of the wine glass, allowing much of the heat from the candle to escape through the top as if there was no shade at all, while the bottom part of the shade barely touches the glass bowl.

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