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When you start planning and as you approach the wedding day, the key to being stress free is to be well planned and organised.

You’ve decided to get married, and now it’s time to plan the wedding – the official celebration of your love and commitment.

As you plan this wonderful day, you both will continue to feel great joy, but may also experience a few butterflies and a little confusion – it is normal.
Organising a ceremony and reception is a big undertaking. There are so many elements involved it’s important to use checklists or a planner to ensure the smallest of details are not missed.

Remember what this day is really about – a celebration of love. Stay focused, and keep organized. Try and delegate as many tasks as possible, to friends and family members, for extra assistance. Tactfully decline ideas, suggestions and advice that are not in line with what you are wanting; remember this is your wedding day. The importance of reconfirming all dates, times and locations with all vendors cannot be over emphasized. You deserve a wonderful wedding day filled with many happy, stress-free memories.

The Bride & Groom magazine planner (see is divided into sections and covers different aspects of your wedding, from the ceremony to the honeymoon. It has completely everything you need!
The sections include basic information, ideas and suggestions along with space to make your own notes and revisions. There is also a countdown to help keep you on track, an expenses worksheet, an important contacts list and a to-do list, so you can tick off as you go. Print it off, keep it in a folder and once the big day has passed, it can become a wedding keepsake.

Magazines & Inspiration
We have lots of magazines available for you to take home – no charge. Why buy magazines only to have them sitting at home in years to come when you can borrow ours!
Magazines are particularly useful in wedding preparations for the initial planning stage when you are deciding on colours, theme and the general look and feel of your day.

We can provide you with national and overseas magazines for your wedding to be modern and up to date. The internet, blog pages, magazines, facebook and other social media sites, are other excellent resources for you to plan your wedding day. Being organised is a key part of planning any complicated affair, especially a wedding.

Resource Library Collection
We have a collection of free resource books for couples who use any of our services. Our book collection consists of various titles ranging from general planning and advice guides, groom guides, poems and readings, speeches and toasts, wedding gifts and decorations. Titles currently available are –

    A Bride’s Guide: Little Wedding Book – by Andrea Davis
    A Wedding Like No Other – by Peggy & Peter Post
    Complete Guide to Weddings in the Real World – by The Knot & C Roney
    Heartsongs by Pinky Agnew – by Pinky Agnew
    Everything Groom Book: Survival Guide for Men – by Shelly Hagen
    Tying the Knot – by David Holmsen
    Pocket Guide to Wedding Speeches & Toasts – by Darren Noel
    Complete Book of Wedding Crafts – unknown author
    The Groom’s Guide – by James Love
    Everything a Bloke Needs to Know about Marriage – by Peter Downey
    Jokes, Toasts & One-Liners for Wedding Speeches – by
    The Complete Wedding Speech Guide – by Andrew Bryne
    Wedding Etiquette Book – by Antonia Swinson
    Wedding Favours – by Antonia Swinson
    Wedding Speeches and Toasts – by Barbara Jeffrey
    Jo Gartin’s Weddings – by Jo Gartin
    Practical Guide to Napkins & Napkin Folding – unknown author
    Complete Book of Wedding Showers – by Diane Warner
    Perfect Wedding Planning – by Cherry Chappell
    How to Write Wedding Speeches & Toasts – by B Jeffrey & N Reed
    Wedding Readings, Poems and Vows – by
    Complete Book of Wedding Vows – by Diane Warner
    A Simple Guide to Weddings in New Zealand – unknown author
    The Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Weddings – by Joshua Piven
    A Modern Girls Guide to Getting Hitched – by Sarah Ivens
    Great Wedding Tips from the Experts – by Robbi G W Ernst