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Creative Napkin Folds for a Wedding Reception

Creative Napkins Folds for a Wedding Reception

Brides are no longer settling for crisp white tablecloths, but they are now taking their theme one step further and incorporating a colour, design or pattern on their tables.

A beautifully folded napkin can dress up any table scape. While they might look a little out of place at a backyard BBQ type reception, folded napkins are best for a formal a sit-down dinner. Uniquely folded napkins at each place setting can be a topic of conversation for your guests and not to mention, give a stunning overall appearance to your reception.

Great idea… but who is going to fold all of those lovely napkins?! Well, you could assign the task of folding the napkins to your bridal party, do it yourself, or if you’re really lucky your reception venue will do all of the folding for you. However, you may not want to get too creative on the fold, as your wedding venue or caterer may not have the staff to implement a tricky fold for 150+ guests. A complicated napkin fold is no more than a few steps away. It’s all about deciding what type of napkin fold is right for your event and then finding a good resource with step by step instructions.

Note that some folds might require a stiffer (100% cotton) napkin, which isn’t what caterers or venues always carry. So, check what sort of napkins you are being supplied with before deciding on a particular fold.

Need some napkin fold ideas? There are lots of ‘napkin folding’ websites out there (such as, as well as books on the subject. Should you wish to attempt any unique folds we have a couple of napkin folding books available for use.

Whether using paper or cloth napkins, there is a style of napkin fold to fit the feel of any reception.

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