Candy Bar & Dessert Buffet

A candy buffet is a great do-it-yourself favour that your guests will not soon forget.

What was your favourite childhood candy? Candy bracelets, ring pops, or maybe a simple lollipop? Consider several things when making your candy selections – your wedding colours, your theme, and your candy favourites. Buffets with coordinated colours look much better than random-coloured candy selections.
One of the easiest ways to bring style to your candy buffet display is to put your candy jars at different levels. Raise the containers to different heights by putting books or other supporting materials under the table cloth. Clear containers work best as they showcase your candy selections. Include favour boxes or bags to put their candy selections in.

In addition to your jars and candy selections, you may want to decorate the table. Consider including a table runner in one of your wedding colours, flowers & flower petals, candles, décor that matches your theme, childhood pictures of the bride and groom or pictures from your engagement shoot.