Glass & Ceramic Vases

Vases remain the most popular for table settings and add elegance and sophistication to any wedding.

Finding a vase begins with considering the various shapes, colours and sizes to pull the perfect design together. Arrangements used the ceremony can later be taken to the reception to frame the head table or used on the gift or guest book signing tables.
It is the accessories that add the finishing touches. Even the simplest vases can be easily decorated and changed. For added effect, alternate different sizes and shapes of vases amongst the tables. Large round tables work with any size vases. Long tables require three to four small to medium sized vases. Consider the height of the overall centrepiece.

Remember that some centrepieces may block guests’ view of those across the table from them will make conversation very difficult and the evening less enjoyable. When deciding on vases choose coloured vases only if they complement the flowers you are planning to use. For example, yellow, green, red, blue and gold work well in any combination but patterned vases work best with neutral flowers. When in doubt, choose clear vases as they will go with anything.