Kissing Balls & Garland

Kissing balls (also known as pomander or rose balls) can be used both inside and outside.

Most people think of them as flower balls being carried by flower girls, but there are other places you can use, hang or carry them. They work well hanging on chairs as aisle or pew markers, or hanging by ribbons on shepherds’ hooks at the ceremony. At the reception they are often seen on top of centrepiece vases (such as the eiffel tower) or transformed into small topiary trees. When using kissing balls as decor, try to use different colours and/or sizes as it adds beauty to the area.

Garlands are an attractive addition above the wedding table or along the edge of stairways or railing. Garland is beautiful hanging on archways, gazebos, doorways, windows, twisted around marquee poles – it is such a versatile piece of décor. Wired stems allows artificial garland to be easy to bend and shape. They represent a quick, effortless, yet completely beautiful way to add pops of colour and unexpected touches to weddings of all styles.