Mirrors & Table Accessories

Mirrors add a beautiful touch to tables making centrepieces appear larger and more dramatic.

Placing tealight candles on the outer edges of the mirror base is common to catch the candles’ reflections for a dramatic effect for an evening wedding. Drape, wrap or hang string pearl beads and crystal bead garlands if you like the sparkle of chandeliers and crystal, use teardrop formed crystals will catch the sunlight and sparkle. Stunning swarovski crystals are popular for table accessories and are perfect used as scatters on mirrors.

Adding lightly sprinkled items is a fast and inexpensive way to decorate wedding tables. Sprinkles can be combined with centrepieces or used on their own for more simple designs. Popular items to sprinkle on tables include confetti that matches the wedding colours, rose petals or other flower petals, autumn leaves, faux ice cubes, glass beads or rocks, mini rose buds and small sea shells. Remember to avoid creating crowded place settings that can inhibit guests from enjoying their meals.