Outdoor Games & Activities

Keep your guests entertained by encouraging some healthy competition with games and activities.

Summer is the perfect season to take your wedding outdoors. Outdoor weddings usually have an air of informality and guests are more relaxed because of the casual atmosphere and they easily mingle with other guests. While you can certainly still throw a formal affair in a natural outdoor setting, you’re not limited to a traditional band to entertain the crowd – outdoor games can be a fun and unexpected twist.

If you have chosen to invite children to your wedding it is a good idea to give them plenty to do. Activity ideas to keep them occupied include planning some exciting activities that will draw their attention and participation. What games to play will depend on where the wedding is and how the guests are attired. A game like croquet is easy to set up in a park or large backyard and is possible in semi-formal clothing. Keeping the guests occupied during a long afternoon and while the bridal party is way having photos is easy with the special games we have available with weddings in mind.