Parasols & Umbrellas

Parasols are a beautiful practical elegant accessory for weddings, providing protection from sun or rain.

They add style to your wedding event; whether it is outdoors on a beach or in a beautiful garden venue. Popular as photo props, they provide pops of colour to bring out your wedding theme and there is just something very refined, ladylike and ultra-fun about them. Please enquire about our colour range and styles available.
Becoming increasingly popular at weddings, parasols are the choice of lovely brides all over the world. They are one of the great inexpensive ways to add glamour and romance to your wedding day. They can be classic, romantic, vibrant and just about anything you want them to be. Made in a range of materials, such as silk, paper and lace, brides can use one to walk down the aisle with to block the sun and/or to just use as part of the theme and décor.

Parasols are also a great way to keep your guests shaded and cool. Offer them up to your guests before they enter the ceremony area or place them in fun decorative baskets as they enter. They are also popular for your flower girl as a thank you gift.