Seating & Display Easels

Table seating plans almost certainly help things run more smoothly on arrival at the reception.

For anything larger than a small, informal reception, a wedding seating plan is likely to make a significant difference to the success of your reception. We have a number of freestanding display easels available to hold your seating charts.
Guests are saved from the mad panic of trying to find a seat on a table with their friends/family, and you can place people where they’ll be happiest. To simplify people finding their table, why not give each table a number or a name. As focal point at your wedding reception a gathering point for your friends at the start of the celebrations, most guests will a expect a seating chart – they often look forward to checking the wedding seating plan board.

The benefits of having a seating chart include making single guests, or guests who don’t know others more comfortable. Also guests are placed with people they either already know or are likely to get along with, so they’ll be more likely to sustain engaging dinner conversation. It’s helpful to follow the layout of the room by creating a simple diagram within the seating plan.