Silk Flowers & Bouquets

Flowers are a big part of weddings and the season can play a big part in the type you can have.

The decision whether to use fresh flowers or silk flowers can involve many factors – from cost to smell to the type of flowers you’d like and whether you want to preserve them. If you want a large amount of flowers involved in your wedding and don’t want to settle for just what’s in season, perhaps a combination of fresh and silk flowers will suit your needs. If you love the way fresh flowers look but you do not want them to wilt as your wedding progresses or die after the wedding, silk flowers are a practical alternative. They are durable, lightweight and can be much easier to manage than fresh flowers.

Use silk flowers for weddings the same way you would use fresh flowers. Silk flowers often cost just as much as fresh flowers, and sometimes more. However you will have a beautiful memento in years to come.
Silk flowers can be used for altar or aisle arrangements, on the tables at the reception, at the ends of the pews and wherever else you’d like a splash of colour. When combining silks and fresh flowers, make sure you know what your fresh flowers are going to look like before you start choosing silks.