Table Cloths, Napkins & Skirts

Use tablecloths for a strong first impression and to make a venue conform to your wedding vision.

Choose linen colours to match your overall theme and pick colours that will complement other table decorations. If in doubt, go with neutrals so they don’t compete with centrepieces or use textured fabrics to add depth.
Cloth napkins add the finishing touch to your wedding table design. Choose napkins in your wedding shades to add colour to a table with a white tablecloth or place elegant white napkins against the backdrop of a colourful tablecloth. Use decorative napkin rings to pull the design together. For formal dinners, the dinner napkin should match the tablecloth.

A table skirt covers the front and sides of a table and falls all the way down to the floor. The skirt is attached to the table using clips and velcro. The purpose of a table skirt is to hide the legs from view of everyone in the room – the skirt dates back to an era when if a man sees a girl’s ankle, he will be filled with lust and for that reason they would shield their legs. A table skirt makes the space along with the atmosphere look sophisticated and these days are mainly used on the bridal table. They are also seen on gift tables, cake tables and buffet tables to hide unruly table legs.