Table & Place Card Holders

Table and place card holders are a wonderful accent to complete your reception tables.

Table holders are used to direct guests to a reception table. Holders allow guests to easily locate their name and take their seat, without holding up the grand entrance of the bride and groom. On arrival at the reception, guests find their name on a seating plan and then search for the name or number of the table they are assigned to. Arrange the holders so they are easily in view on the tables and large enough to be read from both sides of the room. We have a variety of holders for your tables to suit many wedding themes and complement your decorations.

Place card holders assign guests to a seat. Make use of your place cards by leaving a note for guests to leave the card behind with ‘words of wisdom’ on the back for a memorable addition to your guest book. Or ask them to write a prediction on the back of the cards about where they see the couple in five years (and the couple reads them on their 5th wedding anniversary to see who was right). Sometimes couples prefer to assign guests to tables rather than actual seats, to allow for friendly socialising.