Vase Fillers, Stones & Scatters

With a little ingenuity, almost anything can be added to a vase to give it new life.

Get inspired with our collection of wedding vase fillers. Choose vase fillers that compliment your theme and style. They are commonly used to fill space in a vase and help support flowers, weight a vase, or add interest to a centrepiece. Beautiful stones can be used as table scatter for your wedding or reception tables. Placed in vases as filler, they create a dazzling effect. Complete the look of your wedding reception by scattering acrylic ice, diamonds, confetti, rose petals and more to create a beautifully decorated wedding table for your guests.

Crystals can be used to brighten any area of the reception. As well as adding ‘bling’ decor to table settings you can use them on your guest book table either scattered around or placed inside a crystal bowl filled with water and a single flower floating on the surface. The wedding cake table is another ideal place to scatter some sparkling crystals. Mix together different sizes of scatter crystals for a better overall effect. When placing candles onto a mirror a few crystals scattered around the candle will give extra reflection of sparkling lights.