Wishing Wells & Card Boxes

Wishing wells are used when the bride and groom request for vouchers or monetary gifts.

They are practical and beautiful when decorated with ribbon, flowers and other wedding décor. The wishing well is normally placed on the gift table at the reception and is an ideal modern gift receiving alternative for couples who have lived together before marrying, or who have been previously married. They are also useful for guests to give ‘good wishes’ such as poems and messages of congratulations.

Card boxes are a nice addition to the gift table and offer a discreet way of letting guests drop off their monetary gifts and congratulatory cards. Asking for money is not a “new” idea by any means, and recent bridal surveys show that 60% of couples are now doing so. The secret is to find a tasteful way of ‘asking’ which pleases most and will complement the elegant surroundings of the reception. Search the internet for different verses and wording ideas so you can include a brief note the wedding invitations. You are welcome to customise our wishing wells and card boxes by temporarily adding ribbons or flowers to complement your wedding theme. Take a light hearted approach when asking for monetary gifts and include a poem or verse with your wedding invitations.